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Midwest United FC Kalamazoo soccer is an exceptional value at a competitive price‚Äč. We offer more training opportunities than any other club in the area and all training is included in your club fees. In addition, Midwest United FC has an experienced and licensed coaching staff at all age levels.

2019-20 Club Fees

Club fees cover the fixed costs for fielding a team – coach stipend, league, and player registration fees, referee fees, field rental at Kalamazoo Soccer Complex for home games and outdoor training, winter team training at The Dome, and sports performance training with the experts at Next Level.  Back for 2019 teams – Included in club fees will be a pre-season camp!

We offer extended payment plans for all of our club fees. The initial required payment is $200, due at tryouts to accept a roster spot. For full-year teams, the final payment is not due until February.  Please note: We do not charge an additional fee to utilize the extended payment option.

Select WMYSA Teams $599
Director's Academy $1,100
Premier U13 & U14 - Full Year $1,350
Premier Boys U15 & Up - Spring Only $850
Premier Girls U15 & Up - Fall Only $850
MRL Full Year U14 $1,400
MRL Boys U15 & Up - Spring Only $900
MRL Girls U15 & Up - Fall Only $900

Team Fees

These are separate, team-specific fees that cover tournaments chosen by the coach, along with reimbursement of coach travel expenses for league games and tournaments.

These can also include miscellaneous items like first aid kits and folding team benches. We don't include these in the club fees because every team chooses to do different tournaments based upon their team's skill level and the interest of the team's families.

Team fees are calculated by the team manager and will be paid directly to him or her.


The uniform kit includes 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of socks and 2 training jerseys. Warm-up gear and backpacks are optional. The vendor for our uniforms is T-shirt Printing Plus.

We update our uniforms every two years and 2019-20 is a new uniform year. All 2019-20 season players will be required to purchase a new kit.




Indoor Soccer

Costs associated with optional indoor soccer league play are not included in club fees. Many of our teams do join an indoor league at Soccer Zone during one of their three winter sessions.